Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 65th Exhibition Commemorating 10th Anniversary
Tokyo Design Ten: Tokyo Design Tour 1-2 (Transportation, Urban Development)

Guided tours (in Japanese) of the areas featured in the exhibition will be available during its whole length. Each tour is limited to 5-15 people, on a first-come basis.

A study tour to observe the transitions of Tokyo’s traffic line.

Date: Sun., 21 May 2017
Time: Part 1) 9:10am–4:00pm; Part 2) 10:45am–5:00pm
Programme: Ryogoku, Haneda, Ikebukuro (via train, ship, bus and taxi)
Admission: 2,500 JPY
Capacity: 3 persons each (first come, first served)
Language: Japanese
*Please note that bookings for each session are already closed