Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 44th Exhibition
JAGDA Handkerchiefs for Tohoku 3 “Messages from Tohoku”

-Design handkerchiefs with “voices” from Tohoku revitalization shopping streets-

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Participating Organisations: Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Musashino Art University Design Lounge) proudly presents an exhibition “JAGDA Handkerchiefs for Tohoku3 ‘Messages from Tohoku ‘” from 20 January to 23 February 2014.

Since 2011, JAGDA has held “Handkerchiefs for Tohoku” exhibitions as a part of its Tohoku revitalization efforts.
For the first round of the nationwide shows , we called for our member artists across Japan to design encouraging handkerchiefs for Tohoku children. Using the proceeds from the sales, 7,332 handkerchiefs were sent to elementary and middle school students in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures. In the second round, we asked 232 children of the three prefectures to draw pictures, which were then turned into handkerchiefs by our designers. The proceeds from the sales were donated to the four participating elementary schools, where children discussed its usage for their communities, schools and families. They used the money for a marching band and signboards for a disaster prevention green zone.
This time, the designers created handkerchiefs from the workers’ “voices” at revitalization shopping streets in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. The owners who had their shops destroyed in the disaster, young people who grew up in Tohoku, newcomers and NPO staff are striving to energize their streets and restore community network. At the exhibition venues, the voices of each participant and the stories behind them will be introduced and the proceeds will be donated to each shopping street.
Three years since the Tohoku earthquake, we hope this exhibition serves as an opportunity to care deeply about people and their communities in the affected area.

Title: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 44th Exhibition: JAGDA Handkerchiefs for Tohoku 3 “Messages from Tohoku”
Dates: Monday, 20 January – Sunday, 23 February 2014, 11:00-19:00
(open everyday, admission free)
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Organised by Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Produced by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.

Related Event
Opening reception will be held at the exhibition venue on Monday, 20 January 2014,19:00-20:30

Exhibits: Square handkerchiefs(450mm×450mm, 100% cotton, made in Japan by Yaezawa Co., Ltd.)
Exhibitors: 326 graphic designers (JAGDA members) based on messages by 201 persons from Tohoku shopping streets
Sales: 1,200 yen per handkerchief (tax-included / shipping cost excluded)
*Details of travelling exhibitions and online sales will be announced in JAGDA website.

Participating shopping streets
In the fall of 2013, we conducted surveys to shop owners, their families, NPO members and volunteers at four revitalization shopping streets in three Tohoku prefectures and received “voices” from 201 people. The proceeds of handkerchiefs will be donated to the following shopping streets.
– Iwate: Takata-Osumi Tsudoi-no-Oka Shopping Street and Rikuzentakata Mirai Shopping Street in Rikuzentakata City
– Miyagi: Shichi no Ichi Shopping Street in Shichigahama Town, Miyagi District
– Fukushima: Yoake Market, Shirogane Koji in Iwaki City

Main visual
Main visual
(D: Tomoya Kaishi)