11/27/2017 - 12/24

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 70th Exhibition

HABU & MONGOOSE -Breakthrough from Chaos-

What is the ideal creative style in our constantly diversifying modern society? The possibilities be…



Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 69th Exhibition

“My Favorite Design” – The selection from GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017

The exhibition held by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the organizer of Good Design Award…


8/25/2017 - 9/18

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 68th Exhibition

JAGDA Student Grand Prix 2017

The JAGDA Student Grand Prix is a nationwide poster design competition for students at high-school l…


A variety of artists and desigers will encourage children to experience designing and making things …


6/17/2017 - 8/6

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 67th Exhibition

Graphic Design in Japan 2017

To commemorate the publication of the design annual “Graphic Design in Japan 2017”, Japan Graphic De…


5/25/2017 - 5/31

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 66th Exhibition

World Interior Week 2017 – Interior Design for Generations

No matter how the technology progresses, as long as there is a daily life of human being, the surro…


4/14/2017 - 5/21

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 65th Exhibition Commemorating 10th Anniversary

Tokyo Design Ten

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub commemorates its 10th anniversary by organizing TOKYO DESIGN TEN, an exhibi…


3/3/2017 - 3/31

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 64th Exhibition

Packaging Tohoku Products – Deliciously Delightful 2016, Tokyo –

Tohoku abounds in fascinating local resources along with high technology and quality products, but t…