Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 86th Exhibition
University Labs Exhibition 2022

Design has evolved into a universal tool utilised to improve society in all aspects of our world. There are numerous educational institutes outside the framework of traditional art universities and design colleges, as each school challenges “education” through ingenious initiatives. This year’s University Labs Exhibition introduces how students, the future frontrunners in various fields, are learning design through labs’ research themes and students’ works on these challenges at seven schools across Japan engaging in design education and research. Along with these labs’ unique approaches towards design and their students’ fresh perspectives, observe how they faced and handled the last two years’ coronavirus pandemic through research themes and novel learning methods they have adopted.

Main visual: Masaaki Hiromura

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 95th Exhibition
University Labs Exhibition 2022

Dates: Monday 10 January – Tuesday 15 February 2022
Hours: Open Daily 11:00–19:00
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Admission: Free
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
(Participating Institutions: Japan Design Promotion Institute, Japan Graphic Design Association Inc., Tama Art University Bureau)

Participating Schools:
– Future University Hakodate (Department of Media Architecture, Okamoto Makoto Lab. + Yasui Shigeya Lab.)
– Joshibi University of Art and Design (Department of Design and Crafts, Concentration in Visual Design)
– Tama Art University (Department of Architecture and Environmental Design)
– Tokyo Metropolitan University (Visual Communication Design Studio)
– University of Toyama (School of Art and Design, Kiichiro Hagino Lab)
– Nagoya Zokei University (Representation Design, Interface Design Seminar + Interactive Media Seminar)
– Musashino Art University (Academic-Industrial Cooperation Project)