デザインハブで開催中の「Gマークの住まいデザイン」展も開催中。合わせて本も読みに来てください! ... See MoreSee Less

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\📖本日はライブラリー開室中📖!/デザインハブで開催中の「Gマークの住まいデザイン」展もお楽しみいただけます。どちらも19時までどなたでもご自由にご来場いただけます(無料)。\本日、19時まで開館中/リエゾンセンター・ライブラリーのGW期間中の開館日は、2(月)と6(金)の平日となります。ご予約なしでご利用できますので、ぜひ御立ち寄りくださいね。先月入れ替えをした、1-3月のデザイン新刊本コーナーもとても充実した内容となっておりますので、ぜひお見逃しなく! ... See MoreSee Less

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【配信中!】TUB 第15回企画展「ゴミ――我々はこれからゴミ問題をどうデザインすべきなのか?展」ギャラリーツアー開催中です。展示中の作品、プロジェクトを、詳しく紹介しています。www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfS0KUe37-w ... See MoreSee Less

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    ABOUT Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
    Since its launch in April 2007, Tokyo Midtown Design Hub has played the central role in design network, bringing together design institutions in three different fields; promotion, profession and research / education. It connects “people,”“business” and “knowledge” through design and conveys information by exhibitions, seminars and publications.


    • Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

      Established in 1969 as Japan’s only comprehensive design promotion organization, Japan Institute of Design Promotion organizes Good Design Award, conducts various design promotion and coordination projects.

    • Japan Graphic Design Association Inc. (JAGDA)

      Established in 1978 as the sole national association for graphic designers in Japan, JAGDA currently holds 3,000 members. Its activities range from almanac publication, exhibitions and seminars, regional development, public design creation to copyright protection.

    • Tama Art University Bureau

      April 2021 is the launch of a place to connect creativity and aesthetics with society. It will be a new kind of space for innovation, to interaction, and exhibiton. Value through creation – We are providing design and art programs to a wide range of people.

    • International Design Liaison Center

      International Design Liaison Center, in collaboration with industries and educational, research and design institutions in Japan and abroad, provides opportunities for active presentations and networking and supports education of globally-competitive human resources.